Hapé ceremony


Come in and receive hapé. The hapé ceremony is a ritual of grounding. Out of the mind, into the body. Ashes and ground herbs will be blown into the nostrils. Experiences vary from deep grounding to opening or relief of what we carry with us. Hapé has no psychedelic components and is completely legal.

When taking the medicine of Hapé we connect with our energy centers, we open the breath and vibration channels thus being able to perceive the subtle energies of the universe inhabiting each of the particles, in addition to healing our respiratory system, our thought patterns and giving blessing to the soul. In doing this practice we enter into a ritual where every prayer, every vibration manifests and we face the divine eternal presence, it is the right time to activate our chakras, our body, cleanse our mind and sow an intention of love, of understanding, of healing. Medicine is served in a prayerful ceremony way, accompanied by the medicine songs from tribes from the jungle, the guardians of this sacred medicine to invoke the spirits of the medicine.

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