Core team

Grown up and educated in a system that nourished my active mind. Defining myself through certifications, university graduations, trainings. Being a nice girl. Always in motion. Running forward. Pushing forward. Guided by a voice telling me ‘’You are not enough…!’’. My curious and adventurous heart was loud enough to encourage me to discover something beyond this limited micro cosmos. Making a step into the Unknown. Ready for a journey that guided me inwards. Exploring the magic of plant medicine, nourished and inspired by whole hearted beings. Exploring more and more my inner aliveness. HERE I AM! What brings my light to shine: A field of allowance. A space where everything is welcome. A space, where I am welcome, fully with everything that is alive here and now: my fire, my cold, my warmth, my stubbornness, my unwillingness, my joy, my fears, my insecurities, my anger, my sadness, my frustration, my pain, my laughter, my roughness. A voice that whispers: ‘’I love you and I’m here!’’ The biggest gift I can share: Letting life speak through me. Vulnerability. Speaking out loud my truth. Opening up my heart. Showing up and holding space for us. Creating a field of intimacy and connection, where we can allow life dance through us. Getting real!

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