Core team

My inspiration comes from my pursuit for "truth" brought me on the path of meditation, non dualism and shamanism. from years of traveling and meetings across the continents. I love the self realizing and creative nature of life. My passion is to break out of old patterns, fears or limiting beliefs. To be inspired by our process and work together in this “relationship in process”. We are unmistakably and beautifully interconnected . Lets become increasingly fearless and blossom to our fullest. Lets realise that we are all “playing” at heart. Let’s help each other to accept and bring to the light that deep love. I love to sit with my brothers and sisters, to share presence and allow intimacy as a key for our relationships. To mentor each other to become better friends, sons and daughters, father and mothers, lovers... I love to sit with the medicine, sharing prayer and being of service and in service. I love to sit… For this life and this relationship in process.

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