We also host an extended community of musicians, medicine workers, workshop leaders and volunteers that occasionally join. Feel like sharing? Then come and join us!  


- We aspire to serve others, our planet and its inhabitants.  Recognizing that we must also serve ourselves in order to practice this effectively.

- We strive toward becoming more conscious of personal attitudes and behavior patterns and are willing to change those which are harmful to our self and others.

- We  recognize that what we see outside ourselves—any criticism irritation or appreciation—may also be reflections of what is inside. We are willing to look at these within ourselves before reflecting them onto others.

- We take responsibility for our actions, our mistakes and for any spiritual, environmental and human effects these might have. 

- We wholeheartedly commit to respect other people; their differences, their views, origins, backgrounds, issues and their property. We will show respect and care for the environment, striving to minimize negative impact. 

- We will not forcefully inflict our attitudes or desires on others. We agreed to step in and stop, or at least say that we would like stopped, actions that we feel may be abusive to our-self or others in the community.

- We will be clear and honest in our communication and open-hearted in our listening. In public and in private we will not speak in a way that maligns or demeans others and our-self. We will talk to people rather than about them.

- We agree to make every effort to resolve disputes. 

- We recognise that we live in relation and that it functions only through our co-operation and my good communication. 

- We commit to keeping agreements we have made and to have honest dealings with all bodies and to pay all charges and dues owing.

- We  will take an active part in the spiritual practice of the community and will strive to work for the greatest good.

- We are willing to strive toward upholding and following the above guidelines in our life and work. We acknowledge that this asks for considerable effort and personal transformation. Bearing this in mind we will ask for support and help from others when we need such and  remain open to being approached by others who may be in need of support.

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