Festival Program example





AGAPE OHANA is the oasis in the eye of the festival. In our mysterious encampment we let the sparkle settle, take off ear plugs and dancing shoes—for a moment—and we take a breath.

Tipis decorated with colourful fabrics and soft pillows invite us to ground. A sacred fire is burning, as time slows down.

In this place we invite you to sink into yourself, and to touch your intentions and presence. We recharge, and nourish the soul, only to rekindle the fire, to dance, to sing, to create, from a newfound presence, to discover even deeper depths of the festival experience. 

Days are filled with beauty. Start the day fresh, wake up and move with 4 Senses Yoga, enjoy the community feeling, a tribe that can be your safe haven in the excitement of the festival. Find your natural high in our cacao ceremonies, and ground again in our Hapé sessions. Explore hidden treasures in yourself where growth lies waiting in the shadows, and dreams are born, in our Who Am I? sessions. Dive into the art of life, and discover authenticity and self love, through creative co-creations. Experience how it is to be received in a field of Allowance. Feel free, explore, alone and with others, what it means to be you, unapologetically, and be surprised what more AGAPE OHANA has to


Come as you are. 

©2019 by The Art of Presence.