• Steven Nama

Beloveds, it is time

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

It's time to get to know and accept ourselves. It's time to guide ourselves along the path of authenticity, desire, love. It's time to dive into the unknown, to plunge into the mystery and to redefine ourselves by what's alive in our hearts, taking charge of our time and space and to walk each step with purpose and presence. Finding who we really are, using that continuously renewed sense of self exploration to wander through life purposely. It's time to share the gift of authenticity. It's time to feel that we are radically free. It's time to give, vigorously. It's time to take down barriers and contractions and to walk this earth in a state of wonder, curiosity and playfulness. It's time to make peace, to step off the battlefields that do not belong to love, to surrender to the undefined magic that is life. It's time to let go of the attachment to past and future. It's time to start living in the here and now. It's time to remember who we are. It's time to start now, always. It's time to free ourselves of shoulds and should-nots, have-to’s and must-nots, embracing the complete freedom of self. Accept that we are free. It's time to let go of our resistance to ourselves and to one another. It's time for us to come together, to collaborate, to serve and to surrender to a higher purpose. It's time to be free. Be radically free. This summer we are taking our continuous and diverse exploration on the road. A conscious caravan moving from festival to festival, community to community. A tribe of people that leads by example. This is an open invitation for anyone interested in the work to collaborate. We are calling in an embodied experience that continues to live in the hearts of all who participate, that will outlive the actual time and space of the events, to lead us into the future of humankind, to inspire authenticity, freedom and love. May it guide us into doing our best possible work.


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